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They buy ALL that they have from the rest of the World. That's because it takes education, technology, and science to make an advanced, modern, progressive culture. They want an equal say in a country that they barely helped build and that they have no fucking clue how to run.

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(and for those who do not remember, we just have one Earth! That is the real world that normal, healthy people live in. Not that there's anything wrong with a non-virgin girl anyway. I *SO* hate immature young airheads, they're a moodkiller. Anonymous: you are all turd burglar loosers who should get a life and do something beneficial for society.....either do something good with you lives or kill yourselves and stop clouding the gene pool, you are all the bottom 1%Anonymous: certainly like your web site but you need to check the spelling on several of your posts. They want equal opportunity when it has been proven they are less intelligent.

)the original spoon: It's only our twisted minds that look at this as dirty or in any way near cp. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very bothersome to tell the truth then again I will surely come again again. I just stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to assert that I get actually enjoyed account your blog posts. They want to get up in a mans face but have him arrested when he finally has had enough and dots her fucking eye for her. obviousley not deleted...: 0128, People would be a bit more inclinmed to listen to you if you werent hdiden behind that ANON mask, fucktard.

but have some compassion with them pedos; imagine being unable to ever love someone your equal, never being able to enjoy heteronormative society; feeling all persecuted for your love; being the scum of the earth just because yo dick is a littlebit confused. Females manipulate men in this fashion ALL THE TIME. Pedos might be sick, but if you want the definition of a "sick fuck," look no further than the American female(the sickest fucks of all.)Jessica: Picture in your mind: Bubble, weeone, Danie and myself sitting on top of you. Jessica: I would never really hit someone except in self defense. Back when I danced, I always wanted them to do a mud wrestling night or oil, or jello wrestling. Anonymous: AMSzd3 Gg M FVMm Td QWC KBy6k Ve ZE X RZj Ym Wx Kw: @Shitskinkiller Wikipedia is written and edied by and passing fancy. But, rather than start a wikiwar, I simply stated the fact (I am lazy) Using the Torah as source of infomation (since the Torah has been unchanged for so long,) we see that although the Arab and Jew would apear similar, they in fact are different. Now, as to whether or not they are sick and twisted, well, that's a different conversation altogether.: Its the same thing with parents taking pics of their kid in the tub. the age of consent here in the UK is 16, but not so many years ago it was 18.

Paying you back for all the times you told us to get in the kitchen and make you a sammich. My luck I would have had to wrestle someone from the crowd like John Candy in Stripes. Same sperm, Diferent mama.fuck1776: i support everything these freedom fighters are doing. There was a woman in MA that faced child porn charges for showing her friends pics of her daughter and there were shots of her naked in the tub. If you fucked a 16yo back then, people would brand you a pedo and hang you from the nearest tree. Nobody: I've never seen a bigger collection of retards and stupid comments in my life. dont blame c4c, it is a distro point for the debauched, there is no one person responsible, as far as i can benevolent lookers on.

It's about extremist Muslims who reject all reason and sometimes even send their OWN CHILDREN to death over IDEAS they deem offensive. I think the cake kinda looks like 4chan leaves, kinda. Profit because I sell the meat as hamburgers at my stand in the city after I fuck the hamburger meat. I've met 5 other people who practice this and sell the meat through the internet forums.

The Qu'ran directs Muslims to PEACE with "people of the Book."Terrorist Lolicon: and there are the excluded, who don't adapt to the cynicism and hypocrisy, and, unfortunately, tend to follow tortuous paths, becoming criminals, addicts, offenders and all other behaviors that are HYPOCRITICALLY condemned by most people. Jessica: You all deserve to have your dicks cut off and shoved so far up your assholes.

Clown: Person with the features of one with down's syndrome (retard). Also, very low intelligence and often attend Carleton university. IN THE STREETS THERE ARE TONS OF BETTER LOOKING GIRLS.. Yes, I would love to get it on with her, but I know that's never gonna happen. Or this one, the actor Rob Morrow's kid "Tu" Morrow.

Screw them and yes Maisie, you are beautiful, and beauty is a wonderful thing in a world filled with ugliness. GROW UP FUCKERS EMMA WATSON IS NOTHING SPECIAL IS ALL YOU CREATED IN YOU SICK MINDS. Or, this one takes the cake, "Moxie Crimefighter", daughter of Penn Jillette, which disappointed me a bit because I like Penn & Teller.

anonymous: i am imagining the two subjects passing a mixture of thier own saliva and someone's semen slowly between each other's mouth. Anonymous: one of the Anons (6848) is a closet pedo! You snitch, you keep objecting to the same subject matter YET YOU KEEP RETURNING TO IT. Anonymous: Texas Teen Kicked Off Cheerleading Squad for Refusing to Cheer for Her Rapist: The girl - white girl -was just 16, a cheerleader at Silsbee High School in Texas. Wie nach dem Krieg, trotz Massenauswanderung in die USA, auf 6 Millionen "Opfer" hochgerechnet wurde, bleibt schleierhaft (selbst wenn man die von den Sovjets ermordeten Juden miteinbezieht)Arthurus Saxonicus: bis in die 1980er wurde beispielsweise auch noch behauptet, in Auschwitz seien 4 Millionen Juden ermordet worden.

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