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It is made up of eight protected areas that are very important habitats for many endangered species.

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Cave paintings found at Uluṟu date back tens of thousands of years.

An area of tropical rainforest spread along the Great Dividing Range. At least 85 species live here that are not found anywhere else.

This island is the only place on earth where the mantle is exposed above sea level. Whale sharks come here to spawn in the largest known gathering of that species.

The reef is also part of the annual migration routes of dolphins, dugongs, manta rays and humpback whales.

It contains some of the best examples of megafauna. It is made up of sand that has accumulated over about 750,000 years.

It has over 100 freshwater lakes, and dunes reaching up to 260 m (850 ft) above sea level. Because of this, it the only place in the world where tall rainforest grows on sand.

UNESCO was created for the "conservation and protection of the world’s inheritance of books, works of art and monuments of history and science".

The constitution of UNESCO was ratified in 1946 by 26 countries.

Education At Geoscience Australia we provide a range of curriculum-linked, hands-on activities to promote geoscience.

We produce teaching resources for primary and secondary levels to make that geoscience experience fun, interactive, and relevant.

The fossils from both sites show separate, important stages in the evolution of mammals on the Australian continent.

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