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It’s so much in this season that relates to kids all across the world - kids, adults, everybody to where we watch this and at the end of each episode, you’ll even learn something about yourself. I always had this fairy tale vision of how I envision love and everything and I’m still a hopeless romantic. You know, I had to sacrifice my career, and at that time, for me it wasn’t a sacrifice. Going to college - it’s a bubble of the real world and that's what a lot of child celebrities miss.(L-R) Damon ' Boogie' Dash, Angela Simmons, Romeo Miller, Kristina De Barge and Egypt Criss attend the AOL BUILD Series: "Growing Up Hip Hop" at AOL Studios In New York on January 7, 2016 in New York City. Ok, on a more serious note, you put your career on hold to go to college. You have to learn about yourself before you can truly be successful.

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When he's not shooting films, he's shooting hoops as a Junior Olympic basketball player. "I mean Romeo's got cars, man," says his father, rapper Master P. " Lil' Romeo gave Correspondent Harold Dow a tour of his luxurious home, his home studio and even his customized Mercedes in a story that first aired last June. "The material things, they come and go.""It's just a blessing to see that he's so levelheaded.

But beyond all the expensive stuff -the dog named "Dollar," the burly bodyguards and the limo with a fireplace - it's clear this kid's got something much more important than style. What does Lil' Romeo value most about his lifestyle? You know, because he's such a big star," adds father Percy Miller II.

It was focused on the story of Angela Simmons being engaged.

Was your reaction really authentic and how do you handle being in the limelight when it comes to your personal relationships?

Even in his wildest dreams, 14-year-old Percy Romeo Miller III never imagined a life like this. Like Martin Luther King said, 'Have a dream,'" says Lil' Romeo, a pint-sized, platinum-selling, hip-hop superstar.

In just two years, Lil' Romeo has sold an astonishing 20 million CDs. This eighth grader stars in movies, cartoons and even runs a clothing company.

He says it's tough to see old friends who never made it out, and to remember other friends who simply never made it.

"It definitely makes you feel bad for the people that you can't help," he says. Monica's is open today, thanks to a large donation from former student Master P.

But their story began 2,000 miles away, in the crime-ridden Calliope housing projects of New Orleans.

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