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Leah also has a great sense of humor, which is mostly sarcasm.

She is also very pretty, especially her eyes and hair, even though she doesn't think so.

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We want people to see that it is possible to meet at a rave, and that the “couple that raves together stays together” thing really does work. My girlfriend, her sister and I went to Disney World after Tomorrow World last year.

My girlfriend and I were in line, hugging and kissing each other, when her sister says, “You two gross me out.” We claimed that she just didn’t get it since she didn’t have someone to share that bond with.

She is often the Peacemaker of any group she is in.

Leah doesn't like invading privacy and annoying others. Leah does not have full confidence in herself, even though she should.

When I went home, I bought the Single domain name and created the Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. We’ve been to EDC Orlando, Escape: All Hallows’ Eve, and Hard Day of the Dead, spreading the word.

In Orlando, we could hardly move for two hours due to all the pictures people wanted to take with us and the kandi they wanted to trade.

“You wouldn’t believe the people that reach out to us.

Even people from Southern California, which is rave central, still can’t find anyone.” The site launched on October 3, 2014, and in 45 days already had more than 4,500 followers and close to 800 submissions.

While the service is currently run through Single and the Instagram account, the plan is to expand it into a fully functioning social network, app and dating platform just for ravers.

We know you have a lot of questions about the site.

Before that, we had been talking about all these Instagram accounts with rave girls and boys, and I wondered if there were any pages featuring single people trying to find each other.

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