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Cinder Cone is comprised by five basaltic andesite and andesite lava flows, and it also has two cinder cone volcanoes, with two scoria cones, the first of which was mostly destroyed by lava flows from its base.

Cinder cone volcanoes are typically monogenetic, meaning that they only undergo one eruptive period before ceasing activity forever.

An unusual characteristic of the Fantastic Lava Beds is the presence of anomalous quartz crystal xenocrysts (foreign bodies in igneous rock).

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Cinder Cone is a cinder cone volcano in Lassen Volcanic National Park, in Northern California within the United States.

It is located about 10 miles (16 km) northeast of Lassen Peak and provides an excellent view of Brokeoff Mountain, Lassen Peak, and Chaos Crags.

It is considered the nation's most active volcano.

Steam-driven eruptions and rockfalls began earlier this month, and the crater began glowing soon after, in what Phivolcs said was a sign of the growth of a new lava dome.

While basaltic andesites are volcanic rocks containing 53 to 57 % silica, andesites are those containing 57 to 63 % silica.

The lava flows and scorias at the volcano closely resemble each other despite distinct chemical compositions, forming dark, fine-grained rocks, with a few visible crystals of the minerals olivine, plagioclase, and quartz.Mayon Volcano was seen spewing lava again on Monday night.The lava fountain was first observed half past 9 p.m.Butte Lake is the sole remaining fragment of a much larger body of water filled with lava during Cinder Cone's eruptive period.Diatomite sediment, formed from the aggregation of diatoms on the lake's floor, run along the edges of the Fantastic Lava Beds and mark the margins of this former lake.These flows, called the Fantastic Lava Beds, spread northeast and southwest, and dammed creeks, first creating Snag Lake on the south and then Butte Lake to the north.

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