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He also placed first in MLB host Brian Kenny’s and analyst John Smoltz’s respective lists.On the contrary, Kershaw dropped in ESPN’s rankings. But I think though the concerns are going to start piling up only if the dip in innings continues to go in a direction where the back or certain things start catching up.COOPERSTOWN, NY – On Saturday morning, Hall of Fame inductees dating back to the 1980’s got together for a friendly golf outing and allowed for brief questions from members of the media. 1 and got a chance to talk about fellow Atlanta Braves legends Greg Maddux and John Smoltz.

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Verlander becomes the second Astros pitcher to work 7.0 shutout innings in a Postseason elimination game, joining BRANDON BACKE in Game 4 of the 2005 World Series...

Verlander and JOHN SMOLTZ are the only pitchers in Postseason history with three starts of at least 7.0 innings pitched and zero runs in elimination games.

VERLANDER'S WINS: With his win in Game 6, JUSTIN VERLANDER notched his 11th victory in the Postseason, moving him into a fifth-place tie with GREG MADDUX and CURT SCHILLING on the all-time list...

ANDY PETTITTE'S 19 Postseason victories are the most all-time.

“As far as what he was as a pitcher, I mean, when you needed to win a game there was better to put out there,” said Glavine, who also noted how Smoltz was able to transition from starter to closer and back to starter.

“It says a lot about his ability and a lot about his mentality; he was able to do both,” finished Glavine.Despite spending some time on the disabled list with a back injury, the 29-year-old still enjoyed another dominant season. But I think over time though if other guys have been able to pick up their game, win a couple of Cy Youngs, pitch more innings, then I think you can slip a position and it’s not the end of the world that he may not be No. I don’t believe they will, he’s too good of a worker and certainly will have a reason to get back to 220-230 innings, he’s got some contract stuff coming up so there’s a lot of incentives.” In 175 innings pitched last season, Kershaw led the National League in wins (18), ERA (2.31) and strikeouts (180).“Being one of the best pitchers in the history of the game, there’s no doubt,” Smoltz said on ranking Kershaw No. Furthermore, he posted a 3.07 FIP and 0.95 WHIP while leading the league with a 6.73 strikeouts-to-walks ratio.VERLANDER'S STRIKEOUTS: With eight strikeouts in Game 6, JUSTIN VERLANDER passed Hall of Famer RANDY JOHNSON and moved into sixth place on the all-time Postseason strikeout list with 136...Hall of Famer JOHN SMOLTZ holds with all-time mark with 199 Postseason strikeouts.Wade Boggs, a 2005 inductee, also met with the media following his shot at the first tee and talked about Pedro Martinez and his ability to be so dominant despite his height.

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