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Karrlaee , aad Obitaar V Notice, of Ave t eeaiy-fivllnee r est, are cui( seat each inter 'n ti. Taaxtiax T Atritri Mamt ri Tiiu m r WU, JAM; TMESDA Y, ART 13 1667. well abu-i-- huswitan Bsjsjfelssjsjg Bjsjsjjj l Vry h vo their vocabulary cf billingsgate upon him, and Poor Pierce 1 they nilaire. Mastr-Hi- Havinc used yonr ' flat Sire," I frel thit I cn cheerfully re ommend i to .1! They will review the last four years, and inquire in what the administration could well have done better.

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Emih and rhiiil, William and Bot Teraa o' aile, ix ar.d twelve credit for par: o' the purchase money i ne purenaser arm n requirea to give toon, witn ap p otco bciui u .

This generation hare aot forgotten the malignity with which Jackson and Polk were followed into retirement.

Ml the vulgar malignities of that day have become too contemptible to bo disontombd to plaguo their authors. and patriots of our country, and Polk's administration the most brilliant the eonntry ever had.

Ja Sdtd H'.i., N AL, embclli hj'l with "riginal Tne luye t, , Oevets Sl to Imwrotemnit ia tnr n e ful Ans, Patented Inrentions, ids', of lures knaneemg.

Keoaived and iwr sale by P MADDEN, 101 Thir street, ja',0 Tnree doors from Post olbce.

Franklin Pierce's as President is nearly finished, and the factions might feel happy if he should ever have the same real on to be ashamed of it, that they will have to be ashamed cf theirs He ;aa well wait the verdktcf tbe luture; thej will have no future tc await. riy aa,ol Ids c t'- - J sjr P;,.:..e aal Columbus (lud ) papers At the by t. DIED, On Snndty evening, l'th instant about h o'clock, Mis Asi LUii, wi'e of W'.i iam Mc Faloen. M ) N Y IS HEING the coeafat Of of the eftiescv his mai.

Few Presidents have left with fewer dtf ate charge against hi The idle ravings of factions have tftcs been heard, ar.d their worthleasness all oan appreciate, and tbe Preeideat has heard them too often to ioec his rest on account of thes. Tne Amoricaa party Soutu have now no hope bat is agtu'ing the slavery qaeation. the other that tho Torritorial Lagislatuzo will oboliah it. Orist of the aul an- - i' ill a A ,iaaghter of Ptiiia lata J eph. The of the amily are res pec fully Invitel to a tend ber futeral.

,5 Y VIRTUK OF A DECREE OF 55 the Lruifviile Chn-er- r Court, rer.dered tn tbe or one of us. 'l:r Tl'K- - J A , the 3d of Fenrmry, ISa", about the hour I li o a. ten la the nisn.-i- t D 'ld-- r bidders, at pnblic auction, at the builiin known as ts.e ut! and Main streets, in the city of ou'avil'e, the entire PKOr ERTY AND LEASEHOLD Assigned by .lohnson, Mtrin Co. ore out SWoa Tere Sl :n the aggregate r parc-leir, si-a tr pro luce tie most money.

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