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.85 (talk) , 9 December 2007 (UTC) I am not sure if he has legally changed his last name to Stump, or if "Stump" is just a stage name.

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He asks that you but it in here, so please put it in this article.

Thanks a couple of dedicated fans I just wanted to say, I have seen that video of him talking about the errors and that's why I came here.

As far as i no (and i may be wrong so i hope no one gets mad as i've seen many people are very protective of their fav bands), Patrick did not produce P! Mark Squire is their producer and Sean O'Keefe is Fall Out Boy.

However they do have the same label and are good mates... Keep up the good work : D Patrick did NOT produce Panic!

I've also heard (but we need to check sources on this) that he did a remix for a Japanese pop act called Chemistry. At the did I could be wrong, so someone let me know.

I'll delete it for now, but if I turn out to be wrong, it can be added back in. I've never edited anything on Wikkipedia before so if Ive mucked this up sorry : D.

but the bass player Pete Wentz did, and they are on his record label Decaydance Pete Wentz did not produce Panic! Matt Squire produced the album "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out," while yes, Sean O'Keefe produced Fall Out Boy's "Take This To Your Grave." However Neal Avron has produced Fall Out Boy's last two albums with the notable exception of Babyface on the songs "I'm Like A Lawyer..." and "Thnks fr th mmrs," and Butch Walker and Patrick Stump himself on "Don't You Know Who I think I Am?

" off of Infinity on High [b]can someone add this in?

There are other major hospitals in larger suburbs (such as Evanston).

I'd suggest if anyone has any means of checking that they do so.

Patrick is going to be guest starring on an episode on Law And Order this coming February.

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