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Doyle could have left her job in the ER after the mess of the sexual harassment lawsuit she had on Romano was never going to be pursued.9 years later in the season 15 episode "The Book of Abby", long-serving nurse Haleh Adams shows the departing Abby Lockhart a closet wall where all the past doctors and employees have put their locker name tags. In real life, Fox left ER because she kept getting larger roles on successful drama shows, starting with The West Wing and peaking with her work as Sara Sidle on the hit show CBS drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He was first introduced shortly before Elizabeth Corday departed, as an arrogant but obviously talented surgeon, bragging about, and then showing his ability to run the bowel with a laparoscope. Corday bitterly protests his hiring to Kerry Weaver but presents no real reason for her hostility and leaves Kerry confused and annoyed about why Corday "is taking this so personally".Jodie does survive and gets Clemente out of trouble by telling the cops what really occurred, but more problems occur when Bobby continues to harass Clemente by phone, stalk him by car, leave threats and make other comments to him.

He remained both a surgeon and a leading board member but his exact position wasn't specified for several seasons.

He, along with Peter Benton, succeeds in saving John Carter's life after he and medical student Lucy Knight were stabbed by a patient.

Eventually, Jodie's controlling husband Bobby (a violent police officer who apparently beats her) appears in his apartment.

He shoots both Clemente and Jodie after Jodie asks for a divorce.

In the second episode of season 13, Kerry herself told him that it was her fault that Clemente kept working at County as long as he did, despite concerns from the staff and mishaps before. Anspaugh was originally going to fire Luka Kovac until Weaver spoke up. Weaver of her position of Chief of Staff, which he took over himself until a full-time successor was found. Anspaugh to have him replace Kevin Moretti as Chief of Emergency Medicine, a proposal that the doctor still didn't accept despite Pratt's persistent efforts, citing Pratt's lack of leadership initiative and youth. This causes confusion and some irritation from doctors Abby Lockhart, Archie Morris, Gregory Pratt and especially Luka Kovač.

Clemente and Luka clash over just about every case that comes through the ER, and Luka is so annoyed by Clemente that he decides to seek the ER Chief job for himself.

In the episode "The Gallant Hero and the Tragic Victor", Clemente finally succumbs to the troubles plaguing him.

Clemente's behavior includes relieving himself in public, property damage, and threats of violence.

In season 11's episode 19, Anspaugh's job again seems to morph; he describes himself to Abby Lockhart as "the chief of surgery." He also participated in Susan Lewis' tenure-review panel. Moretti's departure and later meeting with Abby Lockhart and the rest of the board after her rehab stint. Victor Clemente first appears in the 250th episode of ER, "Wake Up", as a new attending physician from Newark who is seeking the Chief of Emergency Medicine position vacated by Susan Lewis and attempting to introduce modern equipment and diagnostics to the ER.

Anspaugh later resurfaced in Season 12 to deal with the lawsuit issue caused by Clemente. Anspaugh is seen throughout season 14, interviewing Dr. He then met with her again when she interviewed for an Attending position. He enters the series in an unusual way, by posing as a patient.

In the Season 12 finale "Twenty-One Guns," Luka Kovač states that Clemente has finally been fired from his position at County, and Kerry faces stern questions from Dr.

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