Irina 36 russian woman english man dating

I love to play sports, watch out for my appearance, develop spiritually, mentally and physically.

But I do not have a very important part of my life - my beloved.

Sometimes, in order to find your love, you just need to look around.

I love meeting new people and appreciate their openness, vitality, ability to appreciate friendship. I want to see in him such qualities as mind, decency, responsiveness, sense of humour, care and support.

I am never bored, because I always have ideas and want to make life more interesting. These qualities play for me an important role to establish a strong family.

Women are contradictory creatures, each of them has her good and dark sides. It’s Russian women’s nature to want to look their best all the time.

Only the loving heart of a man can turn a blind eye to insignificant women’s weaknesses. Perhaps, the reason for this is a severe competition for men’s attention.

I already know bitter taste of betrayal and I perfectly know much honesty costs. I am not a young girl, who can easily lose her head... I hope he is reading it now Sweetie, just be yourself.

But I want to hear that you are honest, reliable and ready for serious relationship! Women are more focused on their careers and don’t think they must get married as quickly as possible and have babies.Russian women want to fulfill themselves in their professional lives, but they always choose in favor of their families.4. If a Russian woman loves a man, she loves him with all her heart and endlessly. Only a mysterious Russian soul can love somebody that much.What advantages do Russian women have over other women? Foreigners often wonder why Russian women wear high heels and dresses even if the weather conditions require a warmer outfit.The answer is simple – these women care about how they look.I listen to my heart and follow its desires and needs and it always leads me to the right places and good people.

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