Intimidating young actors

I think the success of these kids is that they have a good support team around them.” The Last Line of Defense In addition to parents or guardians, the law dictates that a social worker be present on set whenever minors are involved, usually in the form of unionized studio teachers.

Because the production pays that additional salary, “They combine this role into one: I’m a teacher, social worker and lawyer,” says Tom O’Flaherty, the studio teacher on “The Nether.” “The parents are the first one to make the decision if they want their kid to do this type of role, and then we’re there as a support system for the kid and for the family, to make sure they’re comfortable, safe and taken care of in every aspect.

After watching his mother die on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” Carl Grimes says his goodbyes and then shoots her in the head to ensure she won’t come back as a zombie.

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” Chloe Grace Moretz was 11 when she shot the part, and 15 for the sequel, which opens next month.

This year’s Cannes film festival was full of international pics featuring young characters in edgy situations.

“We all had a really good time.” Best known for playing a sexually conflicted cop on the long-running FX series, Jace is deep in debt and police suspect he and his wife of 10 years were fighting over money.

When she was still Jace’s fiancée, April defended the actor during the custody fight, calling him a good dad and provider. This was after Jace allegedly threatened to kill Bitterman if she “went to war” over visitation — and after a friend of the first wife described in divorce records how the actor slammed Bitterman against a wall as then-6-month-old Jordan screamed in his nearby crib.

“I do have clients who pass on projects because the material is too scary for them, or because a young girl is not ready to have her first kiss onscreen,” Fine says.

“You have to recognize what makes sense for your child.

And you have someone like Jodie Foster, who played a drug addict and ends up just fine.” Tough Enough to Take It In the case of Moretz, who also plays the title role in Stephen King remake “Carrie” this fall, those who work with the actress describe her as being unusually comfortable around tough material.

Moretz started acting in 2001 and shot “The Amityville Horror” at age 6.

In Palme d’Or winner “Blue Is the Warmest Color,” teenage actress Adele Exarchopoulos plays a 15-year-old student who experiences her first lesbian sexual experiences with an older woman.

And Mexican drug-war drama “Heli” stirred controversy over a scene that depicts kids participating in a horrific torture sequence that ends with a teen drug dealer’s private parts being lit on fire.

On set, she is supported by her mother, older brother Trevor (who exec produced “Kick-Ass 2” and doubles as her acting coach) and longtime teacher Sissie Torrance.

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