Intimidating voters

A philosophy advocating the rights of the individual as against the state or church as espoused by such eighteenth century English writers as John Locke and J. In modern times Classic Liberals have become either libertarians or small ‘l’ liberals.

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Were given the name by the privileged aristocracy and wealthy traders who feared their estates would be levelled. Recognized in some contemporary jurisdictions as a law to prevent libel or slander against a ruling or visiting head of state.

A vague term to reflect democracy controlled by restraints that only allow the seemingly good. A constitution or common law that protects such institutions as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, a moderately free market, an independent judic Loosely described as a modern philosophy which favours change for change’s sake, as well as encompassing a compromising and compassionate attitude to personal lifestyle, law and order, foreign affairs and immigration, where policy decisions are often orientated towards those in more straitened circumstances. Causes advocated would be Laissez Faire economics, freedom of speech, the rule of law, extension of the franchise, amelioration in penal practices, and changing views on relations between the sexes and the upbringing of children.

They owe Lilly, their fellow legislators and the voters who have given them the privilege to represent them, a full and sincere apology.

A Rangers supporting Conservative MSP has ended up red-faced after a journalist he implied was condoning intimidation of colleagues, highlighted her own dreadful experiences at the hands of Rangers fans.

Mr Limond was arrested by officers from Scotland’s counter-terrorism unit following the Channel 4 News segment.

In her response to Murdo Fraser, Ms Haggerty tweeted an image of one of Mr Fraser’s own tweets which she claimed showed the connection between Rangers fans and British nationalism.Haggerty revealed she had been forced to call in police and the episode had led to at least one fan being sent to prison.In a series of tweets she said: “The most threatening intimidation journalists here have faced in recent years has been from Rangers fans and I’ve fought it at every turn.” She added: “The British nationalist Rangers contingent, however, required anti-terror police to deal with it when I was threatened “A man was jailed for 6 months.The journalist, who at the time worked for business magazine The Drum, was targeted by Mr Limond after editing a book about the financial collapse of Rangers Football Club.In the podcast, Mr Limond sang a jingle in which he repeatedly described Ms Haggerty as “Taig of the day” and “scum of the day”. He then gave listeners Ms Haggerty’s social media details and encouraged them to abuse and harass her on Twitter, prompting a stream of abusive tweets.“Hit her with everything you’ve got,” Mr Limond said on the programme.

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