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Noah’s mean classmate had echoed some of those ideas. “He felt like he couldn’t make it stop,” said his mom, Maggie. No, the family would not move again, Maggie and her husband told their children. She came to the United States from a Caribbean island nation. Simply stated, racist people “believe that because of their skin color, they are better than others,” explains Alex Pieterse. The group’s data come from reports made to the organization, plus a review of news stories. Less than a week after the 2016 presidential election, however, a classmate had harassed Nida's brother at school.“Trump’s going to kick you out of the country! Other comments suggested building a wall to keep foreigners out of the United States. But children have not been the only victims of such Christy is a graduate student in upstate New York who studies the immune system. In short, Christy and Noah’s families were targets of racism.

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(That stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual.)“These dynamics are new and can be traced directly to the results of the [November 2016] election,” the report's authors say.

For example: “The day after the election, I had a group of Hispanic girls in my homeroom targeted by a boy who told them Trump was going to deport their families,” reported one high school teacher in New Jersey.

And systems like those fuel prejudice and , says Roxanne Donovan.

She’s a psychologist at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. Those are views based on general ideas, rather than on individual people.

“A black student was blocked from entering his classroom by two white students chanting, ‘Trump, Trump,’” noted a high school teacher in Tennessee. Read on to learn what racism is and how it hurts not only the people it targets but also others. Racism “is more than bullying,” says Terrence James Roberts. Racism is a Sadly, at just 15 years old, Roberts learned firsthand just how ugly racism can be. The governor of Arkansas sent soldiers to stop Roberts and eight other black students from entering Little Rock Central High School in that state. Supreme Court held that the nation’s Constitution does not allow separate schools based on race.

A teacher in Colorado wrote that seventh-grade boys had been yelling, “Heil Trump! Until then, only white students had been allowed to go to that school. Despite that, many whites had wanted black students kept out. Their African-American family had recently moved to a suburb of Atlanta, Ga. Others talked about watching people closely if they came from certain foreign regions or practiced a specific religion. A week later, Christy was with two friends in New Jersey. The names in these cases have been changed to protect the individuals’ privacy. Fortunately, these situations did not become violent. People were threatened because of their skin color or ethnic background. During this year’s presidential campaign, some candidates and their supporters spoke about sending immigrants back to the nation of their birth. As their car passed, they made an obscene gesture at Christy’s group.“Don’t stare,” Christy heard the girls’ mom say. She did not tell them their harassment had been wrong.It gives the results of a nationwide survey of 10,000 teachers and other educators teaching elementary grades to high school.More than 2,500 described specific cases of bigotry and harassment.President Dwight Eisenhower ordered soldiers to protect Roberts and the rest.

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