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The white, male father of a friend of mine once described my relationship with my white then-boyfriend as an "upgrade" for me, and a "downgrade" for my ex.

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I believe that, to this day, he would be disappointed if his daughter became romantically linked to a black man.

While the Pew poll does show greater support for interracial marriages among non-Hispanic black Americans, at a near-unanimous 96%, than white Americans, at 84%, a separate poll shows that both groups are less likely to marry outside of their race than are other groups.

I propose that my opponent has commited the fallacy of false cause (when the link between the premises and conclusion depends on some imaagined causal connection that probably does not exist).

Part of the health benefits obviously come from shared health care within a marriage while others may simply comes from a higher standard of living typically associated with conhabitation.

In my 2nd paragraph, notice that i never said marriage, i said relationships (dating, courting, etc.) whether or not that includes marriage. Because he has failed to show this, he has failed to uphold his basic proposition that they are wonderful, and so you must vote Con. It's so socially accepted, that it's bordering on a truism, therefore it is asking to be sniped.

Wonderful as defined by Merriam-Webster: "exciting wonder : marvelous, astonishing " In comparison to normal dating/marriage it might even be good, but certainly not wonderful.And while it's good that attitudes have changed, the 87% figure remains mind-boggling. What the heck are the other 13% of Americans thinking? It’s the same sort of question that comes to mind with “controversies” such as the furor over this adorable Cheerios advertisement, which committed no crime save casting a white mother and black father as the parents of an appropriately biracial girl.where the video was also posted, displays several comments from individuals who were grateful to the company for representing a family that looks like their own.In an , Bardwell claimed that he wasn’t racist, but remained unapologetic for his belief that the interracial marriage should be prevented for the sake the couple's future children.Unfortunately for Bardwell, racism is racism, no matter what absurd excuse you try to dress it up with.Nevertheless, I suggest that none of these benefits is intrinsic to marriage- that when one becomes married one's health and standard of living increase in a way that it could not have otherwise. My contention with my opponent's second paragraph will be somewhat similar to my contention with his first: that cultural diversity is not intrinsic to marriage and in any event is not something that comes through marriage.

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