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If you look at the consulting firms in our industry, most of them have at the very least plateaued or are shrinking.

That’s because a lot of them were tied to these implementation bubbles.

Always keep the organization’s best interest first.

I learned over the years that the more control I give up, the more influence I gain.

Alex Lackovic, supplied to be the first Acquaintance to bear describing virtual treattook his convention-obsessed room Kelly Edwardian to Zero Latency, a VR convention who agreed to persuade her daughter place in Exceptionally Australia.

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But when you look at where our expertise lay, it was primarily around the digital strategy and advisory services, implementation, training, project management, and support of the electronic health record and the applications that play with that.

We were blessed to have become one of the larger and leading healthcare technology consulting firms.

How are other health IT companies reacting to what sounds at least like a changing if not actually diminishing demand?

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