Insurance dating y gabriela dating

I have previously written about Publishers Liability Insurance in which I discussed issues related to the world of offline, print publisher liability and the insurance coverage related to that activity.

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Issues here relating to sites that do dating services (as but one example) of one sort or the other present issues related to liability for the conduct of members or others. Again, the membership agreement or Terms of Use may disclaim such liability but having insurance adds to the level of protection potentially available since disclaimers are often viewed with skepticism by courts.

The costs associated with claims made against an owner can be staggering even if the claims are baseless.

Often an offline liability policy will not cover online applications.

Furthermore, sites that provide information such as financial information, health-related information, indeed virtually any sort of information that visitors may rely on can be subject to claims.

An entrepreneur knows that costs associated with insurance are not simply about absolute cost but instead are about obtaining value.

As an example, a hundred dollars spent foolishly is not the same as a hundred dollars that produces five hundred dollars in cost savings, income etc.

Clearly this list is not intended to be exhaustive since the Net is in a state of constant change and new legal issues potentially arise with the advent of new gee whiz technologies and applications.

Clearly any content on the site has the potential to raise issues about copyright and trademark infringement as well as defamation and invasion of privacy issues.

These claims against the owner can arise whether the owner is the creator of that content or a licensee of some third party content.

As with the offline world, any acquisition agreements with writers, artists, licensors and others should contain appropriate warranties and indemnities but these are often illusory if the warrantor has no or little assets to protect the owner. Sites containing content should definitely have a Terms of Use and Disclaimer appropriately posted on their site but under the present state of the law, the validity of such pages may be open to question and thus having insurance gives an added level of potential protection. Further, the owner should be aware of the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) with regard to how the owner must respond to claims made by third parties as to content posted on the owners site.

The development and providing of software is fraught with potential liability including but not limited to issues related to the performance of the software, crashes, network issues, security holes etc. There may also be patent infringement claims lurking as well.

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