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They provide a starting date for the movement found in the watch, not the watch model itself.This date may be 10 years from when the watch being examined was made. Other possible dates to use were discussed right at the start, manufactured components dates. You'll find how to determine the dates your case and movement were manufactured using these tables: These serial number techniques will give you a date that is most likely NEWER than the introduction date of the watch.These books are specifically written to help with identifying Gruen watches.

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How to utilize each book (one method) - That's a LOT of printed material available to you, some are free to access.

The point to stress for step 3 is to be prepared to put in some time gathering your data. I use the books in this manner, each a little differently: If you own a Gruen from the later 1920s, particular from 1925 to 1931, then you have an advantage as locating the detailed information can be as easy as matching your watch to the photograph in The Gruen Watch Catalog.

Each step of my identification process adds confidence to estimates found in the previous steps, or perhaps adds completely new information, or invalidates the information you may have found up to that point.

Keep going until you have run out of resources or have sufficiently satisfied yourself with the information you have examined.

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They can help, but the primary purpose of that book is not identification.

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