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was his first foray into film producing, and so he spent a lot of time on set.Wachowiak, based in the production offices, didn't see him much; in fact, she saw more of his brother, Bob, 25, the quiet one whom nobody really noticed, who "seemed trustworthy, like somebody you'd talk to."One day, a production accountant asked her to take a folder of checks to Harvey's room in a modest hotel. When it opened, she says, she found him naked, except for a small towel draped around his waist. I'm just going to look at his face, get the checks signed and get out of here.

First, he opened a store selling diamonds and jade that lasted two or three years, but it collapsed in the face of competition.

A few years later, he opened another store, this time selling synthetic diamonds under the brand name Diamonair, an endeavor that also foundered.

None of that troubles Wachowiak, 62, as she guides a reporter through town.

The flame-haired grandmother is no longer the slip of a girl who once studied communications at the University of Buffalo, but she retains sharp memories of the days when she had visions of becoming a filmmaker, until her experience on a real-life film turned sour.

It was the summer of 1980, and the then-24-year-old was a divorced single mother when she landed an internship on a low-budget horror flick, , a slasher story about a summer-camp caretaker who seeks revenge for his grotesque disfigurement, featuring Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter in their first screen roles.

The film's producer was almost as inexperienced as they were: Harvey Weinstein."I only knew of him as a music promoter," says Wachowiak.

At 20, Joe (whose family took its name from the "Weinsteins" they peddled, crystals of potassium bitartrate used for cooking and cleaning) was well on his way to the New World, having journeyed 600 miles from his native Galicia in Eastern Europe to this German port, joining thousands of other Jews fleeing rampant anti-Semitism.

What happened upon Joe's arrival in America is unknown, and he vanishes from the records until 1918, when he married another Galician Jew, Pauline Fischman, a petite 22-year-old who was working as a dress finisher.

Bob marveled that his father could be such a family man, given how little love he got at home.

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