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Effects: Vary depending on location and the mineral content of the water; generally, however, it is known to be effective for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and other musculoskeletal complaints In most of our Hungarian spas, mud from the natural thermal lake of Hévíz is used as a core signature treatment.

Effects: A reduction in muscle tension, pain and inflammation.

The sulphur and minerals are absorbed through the skin to the ligaments and cartilage, promoting a healing reaction.

Located between Central and Southeastern Europe, Romania and Hungary have a long shared history.

Most of the territories of modern-day Hungary and Romania at one point were under Ottoman and later Habsburg rule.

Length of treatment: 20 minutes What to expect: The body is covered in thick, hot mud (around 40ºC in temperature), and wrapped up tightly in a blanket.

At first the body feels hot, but as it adjusts to the temperature there is an intense relaxation effect.

Through clinical studies and hundreds of years of experience, thermal water is known to be especially effective in the treatment of mobility disorders.

In addition, the relaxation benefits of the water have made Hungary famous, attracting visitors to its many thermal spa complexes. What to expect: A deep relaxing sensation and pain relief for aching muscles and joints.

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