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This is a great advantage over abducting and raping young girls. Since we’re all long haul truckers, and ardent pedos, we’d all been taking advantage of the many unique opportunities a life on the road offers to pull young tail, and getting together once a year to share our experiences just made sense.A 13 or 14 year old girl would break down in a minute and tell the truth, and then the smokies get into it, and it’s a big thing. Never in a million years will they talk about what they did over their summer vacation, assuming what they did was get used as a sperm bank by half a dozen mean & horny truckers. Adding in the little extra fun of requiring each of us to bring a fairly tight and relatively fresh hole to contribute to the shindig made it slightly more dangerous, but a lot more fun.It didn’t surprise me; he’d already eaten a whole double cheeseburger, a large fries, and half my onion rings. Suck my Scoutmaster and Pastor Jorgenson and all the high school kids. “And if you see some total stranger looking at you the way I look at you, Punk? ” Punk whimpered and pressed himself against me as best he could, shuddering in his bonds. I’ll give him a note, I’ll always carry a note in my shirt pocket, all folded up, it will say ‘my daddy taught me to suck and I’ll suck you if you want me to please let me mister I love cock and I’m a good little cocksucker’.” “That’s right, baby,” I crooned, leaning down to kiss the top of his head.

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I offered him the cheeseburger again and he shook his head.

“m’ full,” he said, blinking his eyes rapidly the way he does when he’s trying not to cry. I’ll suck dicks all day long, daddy.” “Mmmm,” I said, holding him by the shoulders now and leaning in to rub my balls against his chest and upper stomach.

Of course, so far, Punk had only been used by one mean & horny trucker… and I hadn’t bothered to tell him about the holiday weekend he was in for. Another advantage boys have over girls, in terms of abduction and rape scenarios, is girls of a certain age are much more zealously watched and guarded in our culture, while boys tend to sneak off on their own a lot more.

Plus, a 12 or 13 year old boy will hop into a big monster truck with a strange man a lot more thoughtlessly than a girl that age would.

Please be respectful of our rules, and enjoy the chat!

And remember, this room is intended for adult sissies only – please do not enter the chat room if you are under 18.

But I remembered the sixth grade part, and for some reason, the name of the school had stayed with me, too.

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