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Being in a long-term relationship can have them questioning their ability to attract members of the opposite sex.

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When they had old religious debates, they used to get together and say, ‘Well, we will discuss this subject.’ One man would say, ‘The Bible says this,’ and another man would say, ‘You are mistaken.

In 1970, the IRS stripped the tax exemption from universities that practiced racial discrimination on any grounds whatsoever.

And a special thank you to independent historian Camille Lewis who transcribed this address and made it public.] [This Is an Issue of Utmost Importance] My friends, I am going to bring you today one of the most important and most timely messages I have ever brought.

All orthodox, Bible-believing Christians agree on one thing; and that is, that whatever the Bible says is so.

” to my personal favorite “spread your legs I’ve got a spoon 😉 xxx” The one that made me laugh the most was probably the copied and pasted message of “As part of this apps maintenance team I regret to inform you that you are above the sites maximum standard for looks, as you are clearly a 9/10 and this app is only for people who are a 6/10 max.

Your account will be closed unless you reply with your name, number and favorite cuisine haha :-P” You’ve got to give the lad credit for trying.

Ironically, its tragic misuse of Scripture supported a worldly agenda—as his great-grandson would later acknowledge—all in the name of biblical clarity and fidelity.(For a careful account of race and ethnicity from the standpoint of sound biblical theology, start here.) Nevertheless, this is an important historical document that helps us get inside the mind of a segregationist who was absolutely convinced that he was doing and expressing God’s will in contrast to those who were undermining God’s created order for society and for sexuality in particular.

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