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Romany was our first natural history broadcaster, the forerunner of, and inspiration for, David Attenborough and David Bellamy. This vardo travelled around Wexford in Ireland in the 1950s and 60s and is still in use for holidays.

Restored with new canvas, paintwork and mahogany steps.

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Conan MERIADOG (King) of BRITTANY (& DOMNONIA) (310? ) ; aka Conan (Cynan) Meriadoc ap GEREINT; 1st King of ARMORICA (Armorica is the name for Brittany before it was invaded by Brythonic people) [Caradoc Freichfras ap LLYR, q.v.] Cerdic of WESSEX [alt ped] ; or: Caradoc Freichfras ap LLYR, q.v.; (Too many pedigrees have been proposed for Cerdic to give them all; we show a few. [Gorles Sap ap SOLOR (q.v.)] Edor ; or: Catleu (descendant of Emperor Constantine II of the West) or: prob.

Traditional Bowtop With spindle racks and S steps, blending into the natural surrounds. Dimensions: 6'2" long x 4'6" wide x 5'4" high inside. Bright and boldly painted up in yellow with unusual green floral scrolls. It's good to see somebody adventurously flowing colours in a different direction.

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Paintwork is green body and yellow underworks, with some nice pony art to the door and pan box. Openlot Bowtop "Orangimoon" Bill Wright-style openlot. Completely rebuilt top on restored original unders from an early Wright's bowtop. There are spindle boxes or racks on the body and an unusual oakleaf carving with original boars teeth on the rear. Includes sliding bed which will sleep up to a 5'10" person. Large 4x4 Vardo New build vardo, made in 2005 by Jon Snow at his workshop with Robert Howell.

Decoration includes Celtic scroll-work to the front lower panel. Built on a Tabbert chassis, this rubber-tyred steel trailer was designed to be pulled by a van or large car.One such book, "Shantilly" A John Rudderham of London showman's waggon Built in 1906 for Swales Forrest, the renowned fairground proprietor of Gravesend Kent.Decades later, having seen better days, the waggon ended up in Altringham, Cheshire in an antique dealer's back garden.Finished in green and cream, and very well decorated. Picture courtesy of Greg at Mike Rowland Wheelwrights & Coachbuilders. Fully functional vehicle for 1 or 2 people or a nice addition to any collection.Has a pull-out double bed, cupboards, drawers, and panbox at the rear. All texts/audio/still/motion picture images are copyright to Valley Stream Media1980-2015 or to the stated contributor/ copyright holder/s or "un Kn".

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