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We both had Christmas nights out that fell on the same night however mine was over 200 miles away in a different city, this did mean that we had to get family to look after the kids which resulted in our house being absolutely free for my wife to use if needed.I was horny as fuck throughout the day especially when my wife confirmed that her wild friend was going on the night out as I knew with drink and a partner in crime she would be a lot braver.

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Therefore you need to be a little less eager to let me fuck someone else. You are still a cuckold regardless of whether I tell you or not.

Mistress To be honest I am now confused - I want to be a cuckold that gets all the details.

On Mon morning she sent me the following email: Slave I think I need to tweak some things.

Whilst I am happy with the freedom I have , part of the process is that I cheat on you without you knowing.

I wanked myself to sleep but did not cum out of respect to my hotwife.

I text her in the morning to ask if I was now a cuckold but got no reply - when I got home I tried to quiz her about the night but she was very evasive and said nothing really happened.Things however have developed further in last 2 months with her know going out with girlfriends whilst I stay in and look after the children.The first real incident of note happened just before Christmas when she went out with the girls on Christams night out.From Above Cuckold Pics Blog Entry: My wife and I have been into the cuckold thing taking cuckold pics for a while with a guy she dated at school who moved into our area last year.They met to catch up on old times and ended up drunk and in bed together (those cuckold pics are from the site Please Bang my Wife above).I didn’t text her throughout the night as I didn’t want to pressurise things plus I was getting pissed myself, it was only when I returned to my hotel at 2.15am that I sent a text which started a flow of messages that absolutely blew my mind and had me rock hard.

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