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Be the fun single who knows what they want and you WIN..Congratulations, you don’t need to buy a significant other a gift this year so all that cash you dropped on him or her in the past, can now be spent on you.Jenn B, The Queen of Dating, answers some common questions about dating during the holidays.

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You’ll find an inner peace and a new zest for life every time you do something selfless for someone less fortunate than yourself.

There’s a winter crispness in the air, and romance is all around us.

It’s holiday season, which means that gifts are coming, Eggnog (or Manischewitz) is being poured, and you’re looking for that special someone to meet under the Mistletoe.

Don’t worry, at Three Day Rule we’re experts in making sure that you get someone special to unwrap this season.

You can try to enjoy making holiday treats together. And if you think that you are not hitting it off with one, there are other people you can have the chance to meet. When you are attending holiday parties with a date or in hopes of meeting someone, you need to project an air of confidence.

And if you are single, holiday parties can be a good place to meet and know someone.The festive parties may also be a good way to meet new people. Whenever you are dating, try to think of making it fun and enjoyable. Giving that confident vibe can create a positive first impression for you.Some may be concerned about dating during the holidays. No matter your reason for being single at this point in your life, the holidays can be an especially lonely and trying time, even for those of us who are happy being on our own at this point in our lives. As you know, everyone from your mom to your boss and your BFF is going to ask you this question, so have your answer ready to go.What’s most important is that you don’t derail your personal progress and journey for a fear of loneliness or desire to look good in the present day. DON’T go through the humiliation of stumbling around for reasons and sounding like a B-list actor with depression issues. Remember, most people in relationships glamorize their single years, and most singles wish they knew what they wanted.Let’s be honest, some things could be better but other things would be worse. Physical activity is the best defense to the blues.

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