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Heidi's used clothing was also limiting his air, forcing him to lie still and behave, conserving every last drop of scented air.The hands were now on his chest, tickling and teasingly him, but with the handcuffs and the confines of the cage, he was totally unable to protect himself.

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Jack woke the next morning to the feel of hands caressing his neck.

He stared into the darkness of Heidi's underwear and shorts that had so completely taken away his sight. " There was no reply, just the constant clinging of the silk and denim that enclosed his head and removed his senses.

"Maybe I want this," Heidi said as she placed some cushions around the opening to the cage, knelt down on them and sat back on her haunches. " Jack was already overcome by the scent and warmth of Heidi's body, enjoying his first opportunity to kiss her thighs without heavy steel bars separating them.

Her round butt was now perched just above the cage, her body longing for Jack's attention before she had to let him go. Heidi sat motionless above him, watching impatiently, waiting for him to move deeper between her legs.

"I think this may be both of our fantasies," he panted. "You just had to ask." Heidi climbed off the cage and swung the heavy barred door down until it rested on Jack's head.

The feel and taste of Heidi's body had had kept him on edge, prolonging an incredible sexual feeling that pulsed through him, even though his body was in agony, unable to stretch and relieve his aching muscles.

"If you don't lower your head I'll sit on the lid," Heidi whispered hoarsely. He didn't want to ruin Heidi's moment and so crumpled his aching body back inside the cage.

He was desperate to make love to her, but that now seemed an impossibility as the cage door clanged into place above him and Heidi sat on top of it.

With Heidi standing close to the cage, her shapely legs and slim barely clad body soared imposingly above him.

It was a terrible position from which to negotiate, made all the worse when Heidi turned and sat down above his head. At first, the kinky request from her ex-boss had intrigued her, but the text messages from another woman that she had just read on Jack's phone made it clear that these games wouldn't bring her any closer to the man that she'd fantasised about for so many years.

Heidi didn't answer but instead pushed her feet through the bars and closed them around Jack's erect cock. Jack's chained hands and aching body were powerless to stop her as she ran her soles back and forth, rolling his helpless penis between them.

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