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I didn’t know there were so many hot single guys with disability also.

Finding a life partner online in India is fraught with several misconceptions and prejudiced perceptions prevalent in the Indian society.

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Online dating in India is still in a nascent stage and yet, the market is being flooded with the launch of new dating sites and websites every day.

People with disability are at a disadvantage even here as very few online dating sites cater to them.

Dating for disabled people in India has always been a taboo topic while online dating sites for disabled is a rarity as very few website or dating app is inclined towards catering to this community. Handicapped dating sites are not the norm in the Indian society.

Online dating opportunities for handicapped people in India is different from the other typical dating sites.

I had a mix experience of Inclov dating app so far. I started using this app for my sister and she has spina bifida.

I saw many profiles and have been chatting with a lot of people. My disability is low vision and still I can use this app makes Inclov my favourite app. In one month only, she met so many new genuine people with and some also without handicap and kind of disability.Anyone can create their profile and can start searching for a handicapped life partner in a few simple clicks on the app today.Inclov has the most unique database of single handicapped people looking for love/dating or for a life partner in India. Inclov is a good app which helps handicap marriage in India!This is the best handicap marriage dating app in India.Divyang logon k bhut fayda hua hai inclov matchmaking app se!I was looking for a match a disabled friend of mine, but couldn’t find on any other handicap marriage sites.

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