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The term, externalities refers to invisible costs that are not related to the acquisition of resources or related to market demand.

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This is the point of weakness in our economic-driven society.

We do not take into account the full array of externalities involved – the true cost of depleting that fresh water source.

So how is this different than an actual economic market? To do that, we need to go back to the basics of who these actors are and what are their roles.

To begin, let’s loosely categorize all the actors into three groups.

Quality of life is another term that is subject to scrutiny along today’s trends.

Contrary to traditional belief, and supported by nume-rous research, material acquisition of products does not enhance our quality of life; rather it is ensuring our safety and that our needs are met, and we are in positive contributing relationships with our communities.

Others invested in more bleeding heart initiatives, like building wells in Africa (they rarely mention how that community came to be without water in the first place).

This first wave of CSR was mainly pushed by image, as at the time consumer awareness wasn’t high enough to greatly influence demand.

However, as we are in evolving times, ollaboration must be an ongoing relationship, as unforeseen circumstances can change a positive implication into a negative one, and vice versa.

The opportunity for your company to stay on top in their industry is the ability to evaluate these impacts on an ongoing basis and make the necessary changes to the strategy in order to create more positive implication scenarios.

So let’s add this into the model and you get something like this: Are governments, companies and organizations in competition with one another? Due to the finite nature of our ecosystem all these actors need access to the same or similar resources as one another for either their livelihood, or even for basic survival.

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