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Rentaro and Tina, in the middle of walking through the mall after winning a prize at an arcade, meet the Blind Girl who is singing a song trying to attract the attention of passing people.

Upon closer investigation, the pair discover that she is in fact a Cursed Child of the Outer Area by the cardboard sign loosely slung around her beck.

The Blind Girl even smiles when telling others of her own sad past of how her mother abandoned her because of her red eyes.

For a girl of her age, the Blind Girl has a mature and calm personality as even when Monolith 32 was being destroyed by the Gastrea, she still went to the mall to beg for money using her voice explaining that she has a little sister to take care of.

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Flirting on the phone with a complete stranger is fun and exciting.The Blind Girl wears a whitish, gray blindfold that covers her eyes, which according to her, are poured with lead.She, overall, has a light skin tone but like her clothes are covered in patches of dirt due to her living in poverty.The main attire of the Blind Girl is a dirty and tattered pink colored cape which has two brown buttons that allow it to fully close around her small body.Underneath, she wears a tarnished purple dress that reaches just below her knees that ends in jagged endings.Thousands of single people meet and hook up every day by calling the dating chat lines, and you can try them all for free!

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