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Or the important meeting at work or your presentation in school. Back down, come up with a poor excuse and cancel (as your self-esteem plummets)? But an even better approach has in my experience been to find strategies and develop habits that help me to handle this challenge. You’ll feel more sure of yourself and relaxed about what you are about to do. Ask yourself: what is the worst that could realistically happen? Not with your chest (a common problem when people get stressed or nervous). After you have slowed down and focused on your breathing I have another good habit if you still feel a bit nervous and you are going into some kind of social situation.

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When the nervousness bubbles up, tell yourself that you are excited about the meeting, presentation etc.

This helps you to change perspective on what is happening inside of you and I have found that it helps me to get a boost of enthusiasm and openness for a short while.

This realization may make you feel a little less important. Harness the nervous energy into something that will help you.

But it also sets you free a bit more to do what you want to do in life. If you cannot minimize the nervousness in some situations by using the tips above then take a different approach.

I got up the next morning again and had often learned something good from it. Just this once allow yourself to see things in a positive way. In this state of mind the conversation tends to flow more naturally too, without much thinking. This is one of the very best and helpful social habits I have adopted in the past 10 years or so. Remember: people don’t think about you and what you do that much really.

Here’s how to do it: Try it and see how this exercise works for you. You may feel like everyone is watching, judging and thinking about you a whole lot.

Seth Meyers offers some great options for dealing with pre-date anxiety – one of the most common experiences people encounter as they get back into the dating world!

Read his five tips below – I think you will like them.

In the days or hours leading up to a first date, your anxiety can eat away at you and put you in the wrong mood to meet someone.

After all, the best way to be, as Oprah says, your “best self” is to be relaxed and confident, so check your anxiety before your date.

When you create a list like the ones included above, you focus more on asking yourself if he is good enough for you, rather than the other way around! For example, when something bad happens to you, what do you say to yourself? As you prepare for your date, consciously say nice things to yourself and you’ll find that you feel less anxious about the date ahead.

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