German women dating tips

Because health insurance is mandatory for everyone living legally in Germany, you’ll likely have to go through your provider and a pharmacy when accessing any medications (which may or may not be the same as their American counterparts) you need.

Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors Christina says: I have no experience thus far, though I can’t imagine that it is much different here than the USA. Often regular screenings are part of your insurance coverage and are covered in full by German health insurance providers.

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German society is very open and there are no blatant restrictions surrounding women here.

Perception of Foreign Women Christina says: Most people think it’s quite interesting!

Dating Locals Christina says: Like most Western European countries, norms and traditions aren’t that different from back home in the US.

The same standards you would expect as an American are perfectly acceptable here as well. Types of Men Christina says: German men are typically shyer and not as outgoing as their American counterparts. Two typical types of men include: the native German, who sticks mostly with his own local group of friends, and the outgoing type who is probably a tourist.

So German men: thanks for being respectful of women but seriously, make a move! Contrary to the common belief, I find Germans to be extremely friendly and always willing to help! In Germany, it is bad luck to wish someone a “Happy Birthday” before their actual birthday. Seriously, they’ll have a jacket or sweater on in summer and I’ll be sweating in my shorts and shirt .

As a German told me, “What happens if you wish them a Happy Birthday early and then they die before they reach their birthday! I don’t understand it, do Germans and Americans have different body temperatures? Like the rest of the world (besides the USA), Germany uses the metric system. Question: What are some German/American differences that you’ve observed? Many people speak near perfect English and have international experience, so don’t fear going up to them if you need help or want to simply talk.LGBTQ Friendly Christina says: For the most part, yes.People in the UK are downright rude about the United States without asking questions or even trying to understand our culture. Nudity is commonly seen by children in magazines, newspapers, and on TV. I’ve always struggled, even more so recently in business school, with being disrespected because I’m a) a woman b) a young woman (who looks closer to 18 than 25) and c) I’m considered “girly.” Men in Germany were always much more impressed with my educational background, my experience, etc.and genuinely interested in my goals and aspirations.Common sense applies, though: take normal precautions.

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