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At first, what I perceived to be the frivolous nature of Furry really turned me off. Women dressed as cartoon humanimals with impossible fantasy proportions!The whole thing seemed undignified, and not a little childish.The lighting was raised a bit more than you’d expect, and the air conditioning was cranked up, to account for the limited visibility and the heat of the fursuits.

Katie had a theory: the reason that the furry rave was so tame was because all of the party animals, so to speak, were out at places that served alcohol.

Or they were in secret hotel rooms indulging in some sort of strange ritualized “yiffing,” or fursuit sex.

He walks upright, and he presumably has vocal cords that allow him to speak English. And sometimes kids grow into adults that love this shit, as well.

And some of them don’t just love the funny animals, as they’re known.

When I say that there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for The Verge, I mean it.

And if you were to ask me for proof, I need only utter one word: Anthrocon.They radiated unabashed glee as the Furries posed for pictures with the two of them.Whatever this couple’s malfunction, they at least got a jolt of unexpected fun on a Saturday morning. There aren’t too many hobbies or subcultures that go out of their way to bring their strange type of good cheer to the world around them.Downtown Pittsburgh, with its architecture and skyline, can be quite stunning.Also, depending on the time of day and the amount of trash on the street, it can be a real dump.They want to become funny animals, and they purchase several-thousand-dollar fursuits to make their transformation into an anthropomorphic beast feel a little more real.

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