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Inuit lands include the northeastern tip of Siberia , the islands of the Bering Sea , and the coastal regions of mainland Alaska .

They also include the north coast and islands of the Canadian Arctic and most of the west coast and part of the east coast of Greenland .

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The sizes range from as small as a few people to much larger centers with a few thousand people.

However large or small, each community has its own history and is surrounded by its own unique landscape.

Around the Arctic Circle , however, such a period of uninterrupted sunlight lasts for only a few days around June 21.

The communities in the Arctic are centers for trade, commerce, culture and education.

When traveling in search of game in winter, they built snowhouses.

The Inuit live in one of the coldest and harshest regions of the world.

The native language spoken by Inuit is Inuktitut and although English is spoken, Inuktitut is still the most commonly used language.

At 7241' North and 7758' West, Pond Inlet is 644 km (400 miles) above the Arctic Circle .

They live in wooded homes rather than snowhouses, sod houses or tents.

They wear modern clothing instead of animal skin garments.

They caught fish and hunted seals, walruses and whales.

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