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Incoming calls (local and from US) are free, but they could cost the person on the other end a lot. If you plan to call the US, get a ¢5,000 or ¢10,000 SIM. If your minutes are running low, you will get a text asking to buy more and they will give you a number to call, which is MASTER Pago, a Costa Rica Banking/Trust Service, that sells prepaid items.

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To put it bluntly, it depends on who your carrier is.

If you carrier is a CDMA type (no removable SIM card) (like what Verizon, Sprint, Alltel) you won’t get any service in CR, unless you have a GMS (Global Services for Mobile) type of phones. Or you can use a compatible world phone, a special type of phone that companies like Telestial offers. However, some systems in the USA have offer roaming service in Costa Rica.

However, if they require unlocking, prices ranges in price from ¢10,000 to ¢14,000.

The cheapest GSM phone in Costa Rica goes for ¢30,000 or around $60USD.

There is also one upstairs, but sometime that one is closed – and why would you want to go back upstairs again and hassle with customs? The local call rate is about ¢40 colones a minute, or around 8 cents a minute.

The rate to the US is about ¢160/min (about 30 cents).

Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE, pronounced “ee-say”) is the leading government owned monopoly of cell phone service.

Cellular phones from the USA And do not believe your US cellular company claiming it will – most of the time the service personal is trying to get you to buy a International Card, a cost that will drain your pocketbook.

Well that depends on you and how important is that phone.

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