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The holder consists of a captive lever cap, which is fastened to another casting that pivots at its bottom, located above the tool's mouth.

Together, these two castings receive and sandwich the blade, and hold it in place by turning a brass clamping screw through the lever cap proper.

It looks as if the chip breaker has been replaced, but the cutter is the proper vintage and nice.

It is marked #7 and has the ground out patent date.

This plane could be made to look very presentable with a through cleaning and new tote installed, or it is ready to go back to work as it sits.

It has the proper 1 line Bedrock cap, flat sides, 3 screw frog adjuster, tall front knob, 2 patents, etc.

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You then call the local number (select the country you are calling from) and enter the PIN displayed on screen.

There is no rust or pitting to speak of, just some dust from sitting on the shelf.

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