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She got kind of tipsy pretty quick into the night and asked me to take her home.

She couldn't really walk to well since she was kinda drunk so I helped her into her home and then we just sat and watched tv for a bit.

She gets off on being owned and used as a fuck hole and I used that to get her to cuck me. I degraded her and made her fuck a massive dildo and eat my ass etc.

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We started talking on chat and everyday when we got home from school we would stay up late chatting.

This went on for a few months and by then we admitted we had feelings for each other and swapped phone numbers. I had met this guy called Blake on an online dating site and I was giving out my girlfriend Mendy's profile name to anybody who I got along with, and Blake seemed like a cool, genuine guy so I gave him the chance to chat with Mendy and see how they got on.

Those insecurities manifested themselves into a pretty unhealthy size cuckold obsession.

Fortunately my senior year of high school I had an amazing girlfriend and the unhealthy side of my fetish sort of faded away along with my insecurities.

Now I'm 20, in college, and have a new girlfriend who's absolutely gorgeous.

Seriously the most adorable girl I've ever met, both in looks and personality.

She was 18, but was two months younger than myself and kind of made me feel on top of the world since she was my age and attractive.

She was really attractive though, and when we got talking she seemed like a really nice girl.

We met him at a restaurant and my wife invited him to follow us home. I watched and slowly masturbated a few feet away as they kissed passionately and shed their clothing. We made several trips to meet each other as older teenagers – and at the time I remember distinctly being "in love" in a normal way; there was jealousy and trust issues from being so far away, and I expressly did not want her to be with anyone else. We decided to stop all the crazy sex parties and lay low for a while because things were getting out of hand.

The concept of cuckoldry would disgust me and I would fail to understand what any man would get out of sharing his GF or wife. (this, I'm confident of) But, being late-teens and so far away from each other, eventually she strayed. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened this whole time till we went to a friends house over the weekend.

We were drinking it up & laughing, getting more & more drunk. For the sake of this story I'll call her Sam As time went on at my new job we worked quite a bit together and one night towards the end of our shift she ended up asking me on our way out if I wanted to grab a drink with her.

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