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I took Michael’s hand and to his astonishment was able to show him around the park.

I could tell him where the paths led and what we’d see when we turned each bend.

The doctors were amazed at Jo’s remarkable recovery and she was home within just a few days of the operation.” Also check out my article about reincarnation – do you believe?

I was overcome by an eyrie feeling of dejavu as we walked down the paths.

Although I’d never been there before I realised that I knew every detail of the place.

It was an intense, all pervading love of such quality, depth, beauty and sheer power- beautiful beyond words and utterly devastating.

It left me shattered and in tears.” It was a psychic friend, Leigh, who first referred to his new friend as Richard’s soulmate.

This is an extract from my book The Psychic Casebook about reincarnation evidence from people who have recalled their former lives through hypnosis, memory, dreams and through psychic readings.

If you enjoy this article please take a look at my book that has lots of intriguing stories about mediumship, tarot readings, psychics and mediums, the spirit world and of course the evidence for reincarnation.

And – here’s my plug – you can also get psychic reading on this website to give you insights into who you were in a past life.

If two different psychics were to say the same thing about a past life and it corresponds with your own spontaneous recall then it could stand as evidence that is suggestive of reincarnation.

In fact she’s never been born in the 20th century for Richard from Havant in Hampshire believes that he and his friends are in communication with his soulmate Lorelei with whom he lived many past lives. “At first she was upset that I gave my attention to someone else but gradually she’s coming around.

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