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Prisoners will also be allowed to practice paganism in their cells, including prayer, chanting and the reading of religious texts and rituals.It is not known how many pagan prisoners are in jails in England and Wales, the Times added.Choose from our mix of international teachers and yoga styles from Restorative, Hatha yoga and Yin through to Ashtanga and Anusara. Check out the ' Surprise me' feature - just let us know what you are looking for and we will give you a few suggestions!

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In England, meanwhile, Portsmouth's Kingston Prison has hired a pagan priest to give spiritual advice to three inmates serving life sentences, the Telegraph reported Nov. The prisoners have converted to paganism and, according to prison rules, are allowed a chaplain in the same way as those with Christian or other religious faiths.

Denying them a pagan chaplain would infringe their human rights, said John Robinson, the prison governor. 17, the London-based Times newspaper reported that pagan priests in all prisons will now be allowed to use wine and wands in ceremonies held in jails.

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The Times noted that under instructions sent to prison governors by Michael Spurr, the director of operations of the Prison Service, inmates practicing paganism will be allowed a hoodless robe, incense and a piece of religious jewelry among their personal possessions.

The governors were given a complete guide to paganism, based on information supplied by the Pagan Federation.

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The costs can be substantial, according to one witch interviewed for the article.

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