Freakonomics the cost of interracial dating as an asian man

Enchanted, You would think that it would be the other way around considering that the type of black women who use online dating services (above average socioeconomically) have much fewer eligible mates of their own race to choose from than their white counterparts.

This blogger discusses some data from a study on interracial dating online that was the subject of a segment on 20/20...

------------ Upon crunching the statistics Levitt found that a Hispanic male had to make $77,000 more than a WM to be on an even playing field with regard to getting responses from WFs.

I have personally began to witness many more BW/WM, BW/HM and even some BW/AM couplings. I said that Black WOMEN and White WOMEN are not treated EQUAL a black woman is not expected to be Scarlett O' Hara nor can she be is what I said she has less options because she is BLACK and female.

On your next subject, If you look at magazines published by BLAC KMEN they are clearly sending a message that black males can and should marry any kind of woman they want. In my home my brothers were allowed to talk about any kind of woman they thought was pretty and my parents did not lecture them that they can only choose black.

If black women were treated EQUAL then maybe she would be free like a White Woman to have less loyalty to her race.

White women have little loyalty and Asian women ditto because their men put them on pedestal advertised to everyone to want.

ESSENCE magazine did one story about BW choosing White Husband and the black community nearly shut the damn magazine down!!!!

I now because one of their editor post here and were friends.

I dated a Latino man who tried to let his friends "have a taste" things like that.

Yes black men will treat you bad too but many times when a White or Latino wants to date black woman they re setting you up for humiliation and exploit you.

I have a friend who dated a white man who made videos of her sucking him off in different locations after he had enough video dumped her.

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