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The archetypal and most ancient English seaside Resort in England.

It was at Brighton that seaside tourism all began; in the late 18th century.

A royal park, a national nature reserve and the biggest park close to London.

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There are three historic naval sailing ships, a still-working Victorian ropery, a dock railway, and several other collections to visit.

Remains of the largest Roman residence to have been discovered north of the Alps.

For the purposes of this guide, "Southeast England" is the areas of England lying to the south and southeast of London.

It includes the outskirts of London south of the Thames, and the counties of Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

Impressive 17th - 19th century stately home, standing in 700 acres of parkland.

As well as its interiors, including interesting servants' quarters and kitchens, as well as state rooms, the house is home to an extensive art gallery.

Most of the main roads in the southeast of England radiate out from London: there is no main arterial route along the south coast of England between Brighton and Folkestone, but the minor roads in this part of England pass through many attractive areas of countryside, villages and small towns.

A palace built for Cardinal Wolsey, during the reign of King Henry VIII.

This is the nearest area of hill country to London.

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