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I wanted to put in captions and quotes from foot lovers, so anyone wanting to help with the project is welcome.

Yes, I'll send pictures to those who provide ideas and input. I want them immortalized while they are still beautiful.


I think its the most underrated part of the body that could be really sexy if people take care of them!!

I once had a boyfriend who love to bite the soles of my feet playfully. Another boyfriend would suck my toes - that grossed me out. I'd rather a guy just stick to massaging my feet and gently kiss the top and leave it at that!

If a man enjoyed sucking/nibbling nipples I doubt that many would say he was a breast fetishist. My first girlfriend had a serious problem with me going anywhere near her feet, if I accidentally strayed down that far I would have to profusely apologise and make up for it somehow My other girlfriends have been more ok with foot worshipand my latest, well, yeah baby, she loves it, ahe really loves it yeahhhhhh love and peacehug someone new today regards from 40, defender of the faith, the weak and the ridiculous.

It takes all sorts and some women will enjoy and others not. I wish I knew the answer, but for me at least they just are..... I am kind of sad about how many men have this as a secret, it's hard for them to talk to their girlfriends about it, it's very difficult to confess here, people are very hard on a foot lover, saying it's gross....

well, not if you have big bunions or ingrown nails etc. when a foot is clean, and there's no issue like fungus and such, I don't know what could be gross about it, I mean, no one give butt lovers a hard time and two seconds after the azz is clean, it might not be so *clean* anymore. Sex in itself is pretty gross, LOL wonderfully gross.

LOL Kinda like wondering why high heels or boots are sexy.... So keep up the feedback guys, and women, through email or through here, it's very appreciated.

The feet are and 2nd -dary SEXUAL zone and the big toe is very phallic and in between each toe is a littel pu**y....mmmmmmm I love the sinew.tendons.bone.arch...

I love to bath them and paint them and suck them and , PLAYmmmmmmmm GQI have to say i have been a foot lover since i was a kid...went to soxs then feet, I love nice shapely feet and painted toes in nylons, stocking or soxs.

Are you just a leg man with feet being a part of the lust? mean spirited thread hijacking due to a closed mind and uptight sexuality might reason out why YOU are on a dating web site... I'm in the forums for discussion and exploring curiousities, if you're not a foot lover, I wonder why you even opened the post... Then go to a discussion that you can participate in instead of one that gives you opportunity to be rude, obnoxious, and generally expose your mean nature. I like a well pedacured ladies foot in sandal foot hose and cork soled Feet ,boobs,butt.

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