Face recognition dating

This August, Germany accused Facebook of "illegally compiling a vast photo database of users without their consent" and demanded that the social network destroy its archive of files based on facial recognition technology.

Its newest partnership is with infidelity-themed dating website Ashely Madison (and Cougar Life) and gives Naughty America website members access to these services.

Naughty America's service launched in June, right after Facebook acquired facial recognition company

On Sex Face Finder, launched earlier this month, users upload a photo and results show the uploader same or similar adult performers - ones available for live chat sessions.

It currently pulls its database search from Im Live, an adult webcam service.

To train, we use triplets of roughly aligned matching / non-matching face patches generated using a novel online triplet mining method.

The benefit of our approach is much greater representational efficiency: we achieve state-of-the-art face recognition performance using only 128-bytes per face.

On the widely used Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) dataset, our system achieves a new record accuracy of 99.63%. Our system cuts the error rate in comparison to the best published result by 30% on both datasets.

We also introduce the concept of harmonic embeddings, and a harmonic triplet loss, which describe different versions of face embeddings (produced by different networks) that are compatible to each other and allow for direct comparison between each other.

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We totally get the appeal of permanently removing bad pictures on social media. If you’re uncomfortable with Facebook tracking your face (and really, we can’t blame you), make sure to update your settings ASAP.

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