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Queen Esther of the Bible lived during the Persian Empire, thus the Jews of this time were spread throughout all of the vast empire and beyond.There was no central Jewish identity, nor was there a central homeland.C., through the Roman destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A. According to the Jewish Virtual Library, the start date of the Diaspora was 597 B.

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Yet, the Book of Esther is the least "Jewish", or "Christian", book of the Bible, including both the Old Testament and New Testament.

The chief reason for this being the word "God" is not mentioned one time in the entire Book of Esther, nor is "Jerusalem" , "the temple", "the Law of Moses", or "Palestine" (Zodhiates, NASB Study Bible).

As is the case in many situations regarding the Old Testament, the date of the Book of Esther remains a subject of debate amongst scholars. Jon Bright, in his book , states that; "Though many place it in the Maccabean period, a date late in the fourth century is not implausible".

Queen Esther of the Bible became queen to King Ahasuerus of Persia. Michael Grant claims the book is not based on historical fact, and "may" date from the "second century B.

Similarly, the author of the Book of Esther is in question.

The most critical of views states it "probably originated among Persians and Babylonians rather than Jews" (Grant, A History of Israel 261).

The nature of the book, thus, reflects the nature of life for Jews during the Persian Empire.

The people were disjointed, separated from one another, and from their Holy Land.

Spiros Zodhiates states the Book of Esther has "no organic connection" to the rest of the Bible.

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