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If you have a system with MMOS Drive Firmware installed start at step #1, If you have a NEW Simu CUBE purchased direct from Granite Devices or from a retailer that does not install firmware the device should be in DFU mode and you can start at step #3.

If the Simu CUBE is not in DFU and MMOS is not installed you will need to manually enable DFU mode by using the #CASE C method described in the "Setting Simu CUBE into Device Firmware Mode (DFU)" section of the Installing MMos firmware into Simu CUBE page.

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The following settings must be done, before updating to Simu CUBE firmware.

If Currently Using MMOS - Enable DFU mode within MMOS and install the supplied Simu Cube Bootloader DFU file using Dfu Se Demo which is available here: NOTE: Once Dfu Se Demo has successfully installed the Simu CUBE Bootloader using the MMOS method click on the Leave DFU mode to reset your Simu CUBE back to run mode.

Are the bugs simply due to a mismatch in API data coming back from the Wifi link?

(I assume you’re going via the Wifi link) - if so, a code fix should surely not be too tricky??

These are fully functional, working indicators and should be noted when some of the features are used.

Currently Supported Titles As of firmware version 0.9.4, most of the Direct Input FFB games are supported.

Does anyone know what Lightwave RF are about to release? Lightwave API has been updated to confirm when a radio message has been sent by the wifi link.

Previously you sent a request and would always get an “OK” back even if the wifi link didn’t actually send the message (it was a right pain! Current switches will never send their status back - they have no transmitter in them.

Instead, please register to our community forum at and use appropriate thread there.

The Simu CUBE Configuration Tool has many things marked in These features are not currently implemented and do not work.

Then you choose update zip file previously downloaded on usb drive and system start uploading, checking and installing firmware.

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