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JOE JOHNS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Erin, she has been behind closed doors all day. The campaign has both suggested that some mistakes were made in the way all of this was handled, at least in terms of public information.Pardon me, fire engine passing behind me right now. But also indicating that the story we heard late yesterday is the story that they stand by, that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

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And win or lose, Donald Trump is open for business tonight on Pennsylvania Avenue, yes, let's go OUTFRONT. OUTFRONT, the breaking news, Bill Clinton speaking out moments ago to CBS News, insisting his wife's health care was little more than the effects of dehydration, ensuring that she's ready to get back to campaigning but saying that this has happened before.

This as the Clinton campaign spent the day scrambling to explain the health care.

Rarely, but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing happened to her when she just got severely dehydrated. We still don't know what type of pneumonia she has. Based on, is there some sort of medical criteria for that? Bill Clinton was the person who came out last time obviously and said that it took her six months to recover from one that was in her skull. If there are more indications of ill health as the campaign goes on, this raises the stakes. Because they are attributing what we saw to pneumonia. One is the story of -- about her pneumonia, is she going to get back on her feet quickly? And will they be giving -- they said they were going to disclose some records now. I think the next big milestone is when they release those documents and make them available and then we can listen to Sanjay and he can tell us, we have enough to make serious judgments about her overall health or we don't. That also led to this blood clot, as you mentioned, between her skull and her brain.

And she's worked like a demon as you know as secretary of state and as a senator and in the years since. That's important because it can be -- there's pneumonias then there are pneumonias, there can be much more serious depending on what the cause of the pneumonia is. The video, look, it's startling and it's upsetting. And depending on how you interpret what he has said, he is saying that this is something like this has happened before. So, there's could be another round of questions based on what he said. We're going to be talking about that tomorrow I guess. And David Gergen, you know, when you put all this in context, of course you have Donald Trump saying he had his physical. And if Sanjay concludes, people like Sanjay conclude, we don't, she's going to have a really serious political problem even though she may by all appearances look good. I mean, certainly someone who has a brain injury like that, you do worry, is it going to have any long-term impact?

I think when you release all the medical records, it can really dive into this and see how do they test this, what do they find, what's the impact?

Likely it's going to be nothing because that's what her doctor who knows her best to this point has concluded.

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And one of the questions tonight is, of course, how this will affect the campaign. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hillary Clinton is out of sight, resting up as she tries to kick a bout of pneumonia.

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