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In the epilogue, set two and a half years afterward, Tris is cremated with her ashes spread throughout Chicago by Tobias riding a zip line.

During his Choosing Ceremony, he chooses Dauntless as his faction to escape Marcus.

He has dark blue eyes and dark brown hair with a scar on his chin and a few freckles on his nose.

During the second initiation period, where the candidates are placed in a virtual reality simulation to see how they deal with their greatest fears (for Tris, it is being attacked by crows, drowning, being tied and burned to death, intimacy, and killing her family members), Tris shows an uncanny ability to dismiss or clear the obstacles in record time.

This draws Four's attention as he invites her to enter his fear simulation and gives her tips as to how to give a Dauntless-expected response.

During a visit to Candor, she reveals that she had killed Will.

She later surrenders herself to Erudite to save her Dauntless friends, where she finds out that her brother is working for Jeanine but is later able to escape with Tobias and Peter.

She joins Marcus Eaton in order to obtain the information stolen by Erudite from Abnegation and transfer it to every faction.

When Tobias finds out about this, he is shocked and angry at her, but they later reconcile and she hopes that they will have no secrets from each other.

She bears a tattoo of three ravens on her left collarbone leading down to her heart, each one representing one of her family members; she also has a Dauntless seal on her left shoulder and an Abnegation seal on her right shoulder.

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