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It’s really important that your baby stays attached to the cord and placenta until help arrives, so don’t be tempted to cut the cord.Most babies have a good heart rate after the birth, and breathe on their own within a minute or so.Make sure your door is unlocked, so that help can get in easily. Your baby will need to be kept warm once he’s born, so it’s important to make sure the room you give birth in is warm and cosy.

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Most emergency home births happen to women who have had a baby before or had a previous fast pushing stage.

Whilst an unplanned delivery at home may seem frightening, the most important thing to remember is to try and stay calm. Remember, women are made to have babies and your body knows what to do. Phone the emergency number on your maternity notes, or dial 999. Tell the operator how many weeks pregnant you are, and that your baby is coming quickly, so that a midwife and an ambulance can be sent.

Your face should be near the floor, and your bottom in the air. If you still feel the urge to push, then go with it.

It can be frightening to feel that your baby is coming in a way that you didn’t plan, but your body was built for this, and help is on the way.

If you're on your own, bring your bottom nearer to the floor and put a folded towel beneath you to give your baby a soft landing. Babies are slippery immediately after the birth so try to get a firm hold when handling your newborn.

If there's someone with you, they can help to support your baby’s body as he’s being born. If the umbilical cord is short, be gentle when lifting him to your chest.

In the UK, it's legal to give birth at home without any professional or medical help. MIDIRS Midwifery Digest 19(2): 219-24 Loughney A, Collis R, Dastgir S. Birth before arrival at delivery suite: associations and consequences.

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