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There’s some interesting things that I know I’m not allowed to say yet that comes up ...

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People can’t not check their social media for 10 minutes.

And I always laugh with Chace [Crawford, who played Nate] and ask him, because still see each other and don’t live far from each other, "Can you imagine while we were filming if there was all that." We’re like, "Not at all." and other shows that were on for years — and sometimes after you get a fourth, fifth season with TV, because you’re playing the same character, sometimes you’ll hear actors be like, "I’m ready for it to be done." And then a year or two when it’s done, you’re like, "Oh, that was such a good gig, it was so fun." It’s a difficult subject right now for anyone that’s involved on either side …

But the things between siblings, and being there or having the disagreements and that kind of thing, for sure. My brother’s a really great drummer, my sister’s a really great artist, my other sister can play guitar, piano.

Yeah, we all met in Arizona for my mom and my aunt’s birthday. We like playing games, we like dancing and doing karaoke and ice skating and making arts and crafts. [My mom] is like a kid at heart but yet a really good mom with good advice and [she] keeps us grounded and calls us out. I just never asked because I figured it’s such a different character, different time.

So the dynamic of everyone being close and having each other’s backs and being there for each other I can definitely relate to, but my dad wasn’t like Frank.

The situation of their relationship with their parents I can’t really relate to.It was a real blessing to be a part of that and see that and to know that people still worked that way.When I say that, it’s not like all the other projects I’ve done wasn’t that way; this was just a breath of fresh air for me.And Emmy’s from the Upper East Side, so she was a fan of the show as well.I remember when I booked and I had to do a little research of New York, because all of us came from L. I met a couple of people from the Upper East Side I’m like, "I just need to know, is this remotely close?" And I know that some stuff is for shock value for the audience, but even the bags they would use or having limos drop them off — you know, having so much at your fingertips.

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