Drinking dating new york

Some people come to Soho to shop, some come to be seen, and still others come to be seen while shopping.

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It’s big, it’s juicy, and it goes perfectly with a pint.

Inspired by 1970s New York and classic pubs, JIMMY is an intimate rooftop escape with sleek upholstered seating, working fireplaces, and warm wood floors.

Cocktail connoisseurs flock to Pegu Club, a chic, shadowy barroom hidden off West Houston Street.

Named after the eponymous gin drink favored by British expats in Burma during the 19th century and later perfected by master mixologist Harry Craddock, Pegu offers quaffable, gin-based creations, satisfying the palates of discerning drinkers and novice patrons alike.

Then try the finest crispy chicken club sandwich in human history, while ignoring the fact that a seafood restaurant serves the finest crispy chicken club sandwich in human history.

Drinks at this fancy-funky hotel bar don't come cheap, but that's the price you pay for an ideal outdoor seating area on which to meet the first-round investors you're trying to sell on a Kickstarter for Kickstarters.The Crosby Bar, located in the lux Crosby Street Hotel, is a schmancy affair. The Ear Inn is a designated landmark of the City of New York, and the cheeseburger is a designated bar burger of the City of New York (designated by Thrillist, of course).Drinks here are mixed expertly to order and the light aperitifs are about as far from greasy bar food as it gets. The prime sirloin number topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion is something you absolutely have to check off your NYC burger bucket list, whether you're from here or not.The original Pegu Club was a famous gentlemen's haunt built in Burma in the 1880s so British officers could drink gin.The Soho Pegu Club revived the classic potion culture -- big ice cubes, fresh juices, and always-homemade syrups -- and paved the way for the roughly seven billion craft cocktail bars that exist in Manhattan today. The food is standard Irish pub fare, but it’s really, really excellent Irish pub fare accompanied by solid stuff on tap and walls splashed with crazy-cool murals.It's a long-ass, bi-level bar, which means there's plenty of space for all kinds of people, just hopefully none A decades-old , Broome Street provides a quaint, rugged contrast to the swankiness of Soho.

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