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Each editable region in a template must have a unique name.You can name editable regions anything you like, just don’t use any spaces or special characters in the file name.If you’re only working on one site with one template, this is easy to get right, but as your site gets larger and more complex, you need to make sure you’re using the correct template when you create new pages.

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You can create a new HTML template in Dreamweaver by choosing File New, and then choosing HTML Template from the Page options and then select the layout or other options you would like. You can also save any existing page in Dreamweaver as a template by choosing File Save As and selecting the file type for a Dreamweaver Template.

In this tutorial, you learn to design HTML templates, but you can save other kinds of templates in Dreamweaver, including templates with the PHP, JSP, or ASP. When you save a file as a template, it helps to give it a special name you can use to identify the template later.

That makes it easier to create new pages as you design your site, especially if you use more than one template in your website.

Dreamweaver automatically adds all new templates to the Template dialog that is available when you use the New Page dialog.

If you want to view your templates, choose Window .

You only want to make areas editable regions that you will change on the various pages that you create from the template.In the California Wildlife Photography web site shown in the following steps, the template is used to store common web page features, including the banner at the top of the page, and the navigation links across the top and bottom of the pages.Note: To create templates for your web pages, you must already have set up the site using Dreamweaver’s Manage Site features to define a local root folder for your web site on your personal computer.If you’ve created more than one template in your site, you need to be careful to select the right template as you create each new page.To do so, simple select the correct template from the Template list in the New Document dialog.Things like the list of navigation links at the top of this template should note be editable regions, because then you’ll be able to update those areas on all of the pages created from the template when you’re done.

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