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(As are most of the fangurls populating all the myriad Jared/Jensen threads on DL, which have become the modern-day version of the Prancing Pony Inn.)True actors don't charge people massive amounts of money for an autograph - they are happy to do it for free.Often they will come outside the theatre and sign autographs before or after a performance.That's in addition to the thousands of dollars it costs to get autographs, pictures and attend the con. And yet you pathetic ghoulish stalkers obsessed fans continue to post threads about this one and his equally snotty and untalented co-star.. It's too bad there isn't a rash of old frau-ish star-obsessed queens killing themselves. Getting paid for taking advantage of the desperately lonely and mentally challenged. The sad thing is I bet they think they're worth every penny.

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I've met Derek Jacobi, Sian Phillips and Tony Goldwyn in lines at theatres and never been charged for an autograph.

R32, stage and screen (large or small) are entirely different propositions.

Granted, he may not actually set the price but he certainly agrees to gouging his incredibly stupid desperate fans. Acting is not exactly an iron-clad, you'll-be-in-demand-forever profession.

And according to these loyal fan fraus, he's never given a penny to charity. At today's con, Jensen's Q&A for 30 people is $500 extra per person which works out to about one minute of time per person. R17, Jensen has a regular role on a series that has been on the air for years. He doesn't need to charge $500 to his fans just so they can get an autograph. I'm sure that's what all the Banksters tell themselves too as they gouge the public and loot the treasury.

Normal American behavior is in the eye of the beholder.[quote]I've never been to a "con" so I can't say if the people who attend are desperately lonely/mentally challenged or not.

I've never been to one, either, but I can still say without a doubt that anyone who would pay 0 to ask a C-list actor a question and have a photo taken with him is unhinged.

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A stage star might have a few dozen people waiting after a performance for an autograph.

A "con" could have several thousand of an actor's MOST obsessed fans, all clamoring for an autograph; thus, supply must be limited since there's no way to accommodate everyone, and the way it was accommodated in this case was by auctioning off a reasonable number of seats to a Q&A.

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